CSS3 Snippets in TextMate – box-shadow

As promised, the next in the series – box-shadow.

Create this snippets within CSS:

Tab trigger:
-moz-box-shadow: ${1:hOffset} ${2:vOffset} ${3:blurRadius} ${4:color};
-webkit-box-shadow: ${1:hOffset} ${2:vOffset} ${3:blurRadius} ${4:color};
box-shadow: ${1:hOffset} ${2:vOffset} ${3:blurRadius} ${4:color};

More to come. Any requests?

2 thoughts on “CSS3 Snippets in TextMate – box-shadow

  1. Something I picked up from a Dan Cederholm talk on CSS3 recently – it makes more sense to put the “box-shadow” property after the vendor specific properties, so that when browser vendors do implement the final property then that one takes precedence over the “beta” versions.

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